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Love Unscripted (Love (Atria))

Love Unscripted  - Tina Reber 3.5 Stars.Thank you Netgalley and Atria Books for this e-book.This book is very long. Like 700+ pages, long and has left me emotionally drained. (not that either of those are necessarily a bad thing) Having said that, it's well written, with an interesting premise and is probably the most realistic glimpse of celebrity life I've read in long time. Instead of focusing solely on the glitz and glamour, the author also shows the invasive side of the entertainment business. The side that sells the trashy magazines and fuels the gossip websites. I have often wondered what it's like for the significant other of famous actors/actresses to watch the person they love kiss other people - people who are not riding the ugly train. I've also questioned how it's possible for those same actors/actresses to remain faithful when they spend the majority of their time in close proximity to someone other than their loved one while minimally clothed. This got off to a good start and while there were parts that seemed to drag out a bit, it did hold my interest. However, after about 1/4 of the way through, the sheer volume of the book began to get distracting. The drama also escalated in a way I felt was a little too over the top and it wasn't until page 500 that it lightened up (a bit) and I found myself laughing out loud. The characters of Ryan and Taryn were enjoyable in the beginning but as the story progressed past the halfway point, I found myself becoming more annoyed with them. The multiple stalkers, overly dramatic leading ladies and trust issues was a little too much for me and made the characters who are close to 30, seem extremely immature. There were plenty of romantic moments, some of which were heart wrenching and others that were very cliche. I'm glad I read this but I fear the next installment will be more of the same and a lot of ground was already covered in this one.