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A World Away

A World Away - Nancy Grossman 3.5 StarsPleasantly SurprisingThis was an interesting story and not at all what I was expecting. I liked having the insiders look into the Amish life and seeing the modern world through Eliza's eyes was entertaining, engaging and heartbreaking. The depth of this book is what surprised me most and I wasn't expecting to feel the range of emotions that I did.While I enjoyed this, the story was slow moving at first and honestly, the ending frustrated me. I wanted to know what happened next?! An Epilogue showing a few months or years into the future would've been nice.POTENTIAL SPOILERS:You can't give me a guy like Daniel and NOT tell me what happens to him?! *cries* Also, I wanted Josh to fight harder. Say those words. Be different than Matthew. If there'd been an Epilogue, Eliza would've either chosen Daniel or Josh would've kept in touch and shown up for her after college, etc. Also, what did Eliza decide to do?