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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - My completely unprofessional *fangirly* review...Somebody PLEASE explain to me WHY I waited so long to read this book?! *flails* OH.MA.WOOOOORD that was so good! *FLAILY FLAILS* It was nothing like I expected... (I read it one sitting)This book is full of all kinds of good stuff, ALL.KINDS! Not to mention it's SMART, and truthful and I WANT TO BRING KAIDAN HOME AND LOVE ON HIM UNTIL HE IS ALL BETTER! (The motherly kind of lovin', not his kind so getcha mind outta the gutter.)Anna is amazing and she and Kaidan both BROKE my heart but in the best possible way. I can NOT wait for the next book! READ IT. LOVE IT. YOU ARE WELCOME! (OK, so you probably should thank Wendy Higgins because she wrote it but STILL.)