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Where I Belong

Where I Belong - Gwendolyn Heasley This was a refreshing and humorous take on the recession. Big city girl, Corrinne is forced to relocate to a small town because Daddy gets laid off and "Madoffed" at the same time. She is a sassy, spoiled high school freshman who gets a major reality check when she heads to Texas with her brother to start her sophomore year at (gasp!) public school! Gone are the designer clothes, parties, endless shopping sprees with Daddy's credit card and paid servants she's used too. She has to learn to eat real food - like with actual carbs, (the horror) and do things for herself (that pancake ain't gonna serve itself).While in Broken Spoke, Texas aka The Middle of Freakin Nowhere, Corrinne meets some interesting people with strange names. Kitsy, the head cheerleader is her only female friend but she's sweet and goes out of her way to make Corrinne feel welcome. Hands is Kitsy's boyfriend and the quarterback for the football team and let's not forget, football is god in Texas! Bubby is Hottie number #1, also a football player and all around good guy. He's "sweet on" Corrinne but she pays him little attention because she has the hots for Hottie number #2, Rider, local stable boy and aspiring musician. She learns all about Texas culture which of course includes football, tailgaiting and the ever popular rodeo which she finds is really kind of fun. Through everything she experiences, from the loss of her life as she knew it to they way it is now, Corrinne learns that there's a difference between being disappointed and surrendering. (Thanks Grandma!) *Spoilers* I only gave this 3 stars because I felt like there were a few holes left in the storyline concerning Corinne's Mom, JJ and her history in Broken Spoke. We were given a little information about her history with Dusty but then, nothing. (what happened there?) We're even told a little about what happened with her once she moved to NYC and met Corrinne's Dad, Cole, but again, it comes up short. There was also a lot of drama with Grandma going on that seemed to be glazed over too easily for me. I realize this Corrinne's story but still, you can't just hint around about old flames and old history without eventually going into detail about it. (It's like a guy telling a girl that he knows what's going on with her best girlfriend's relationship, because she's dating his best guy friend but he can't say anything about it.) Details! We need details! Speaking of details, what's the deal with Bubby? The ball was dropped there as well, or would it be the horshoe since we're in Broken Spoke, Texas? You can't give me a cover like that (you know how I love me a good cover!), tease me with all that cute romantic tension between he and Corrine and...the book ends? Seriously?! We don't even get to find out his real name. That's like making me muck stalls, knowing I'm working up a thirst in the Texas heat, offering me an ice cold Coca Cola but when I pop the top and take a sip, it's flat. Soda is supposed to be fizzy, not flat. Corrinne may not know how this story ends but I do, and it isn't the way the book does.