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War Horse

War Horse - An epic, heartwarming tale of a horse and his boy that will have even the least of horse lovers reaching for the tissues. Spanning the years of World War I, War Horse is told from the point of view of Joey, a red-bayed horse whose journey begins as a young colt on a sheep farm and chronicles his adventures into becoming a decorated soldier. Joey and his young master Albert are inseparable, each sharing a mutual love and respect for one another but when Albert's father sells Joey both of their lives are forever changed. Part of what makes this story unique is that it's written from the horses point of view. In doing so, it gives the reader an interesting take on humans as well as war. We get to see the value that was placed on horses like Joey during the war and how that value translated into their treatment and care. If their value was high in the eyes of their current owners, then they were well fed, cleaned properly and looked after. If not, they were half-starved, left out in the cold and made to endure grueling work often resulting in death for some. Joey meets many new people along his journey most of whom are kind to him, although a few aren't. He never gives up hope of being reunited with his master and searches the faces of each new group of soldiers he comes upon in the hopes of finding Albert. He also befriends another horse, Topthorn and together they brave the front lines, the treacherous weather conditions and other various hardships of war.Author Morpurgo writes Joey so convincingly, with all his emotional ups and downs that it's very easy to forget that he's a horse and not a regular, two-legged soldier. War Horse is a moving story that reminds us that even in the midst of all the sadness, despair and death that is "war", you can always find hope.