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The One That I Want

The One That I Want - Jennifer Echols I read this in one sitting and wanted to love this book, I really did but the magic just wasn't there for me. I always enjoy Echols easy style of writing which flows nicely and makes for both enjoyable as well as fast reading. Her characters have depth even if I don't always like them (Addison) and I like that she doesn't stick to generic boys. Max is Japanese and he.is.hawt. *swoon* It's nice to have culturally diverse hot book boys who aren't some sort of vampire, werewolf or demon AND who aren't the stereotypical blond hair, blue-eyed type. (There's nothing wrong with the All-American boy, I *hearts* them too, in fact, I married one and gave life to one but it's nice to have a good representation of what society is really like.) Gemma is willing to stand up for herself to a certain extent but the constant emphasis on her weight and body shape made me sad for her. I wanted her to be more comfortable in her own skin. The fact that she and Addison were majorette's seemed a little dated to me. I haven't seen any girls twirl a baton since I was in elementary school and that was a "few" *coughs* years ago. Maybe its popular in the South? I'm not sure. Cheer leading still reigns supreme in these parts. Speaking of Addison...to say I didn't like her is an understatement. She made me physically ill. I would've called her lame rear out years ago regardless of how much junk I had in my own trunk at the time. She epitomizes "Mean Girl". *ick*I really wish Max had been more clued into Gemma earlier on in the book because as smart as he is he sure acted pretty clueless and wasted a whole bunch of time with Addison. I would've like to have seen a little more Gemmax/Maxemma time in the book but that's just me.I have no doubt that a lot of readers will fall in love with this story and I think that's awesome! This one just wasn't for me. My favorite Jennifer Echols read so far has been "Forget You".