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Trust in Me - J. Lynn

I didn't think it was possible to love Cam Hamilton any more than I already did, but OH.MY.CAM!


Thank you J. Lynn for giving us Cam's POV, which I LOVED harder than Raphael's shell!


You can read my review of Wait for You here.


What I Loved:There have been quite a few companion novellas published recently, all offering an alternate POV, most of which I've read but very few I have enjoyed. Why? My guess is because those other books didn't have a cookie baking Cam or a tortoise named, Raphael in them. Maybe. ;)

Cam Hamilton is not your average New Adult guy with broken feels, a colorful vocabulary, and "Restraining Order" stamped across his glistening six-pack abs. Yeah, he's made mistakes, he IS human after all, but Cam is paying his dues and has suffered the consequences of his actions. Actions that could've been handled differently for sure, but were backed with well meaning intentions. 


What also sets Cam apart is that he doesn't have a first class ticket on the Douche Express, and he doesn't wallow in his mistakes. He doesn't allow Avery to wallow in hers either. Instead, Cam shows her that despite the past, there is always hope for healing and something better. Always. Cam is also kind, compassionate and attentive, wooing Avery with his home baked goodies and Eggs Hamilton.


The insight into Cam's family was priceless and his interactions with his mom had me literally laughing out loud!


"A girl?"

I stared at the ceiling of my bedroom. "Yes, Mom, a girl."

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. "A lady?"


"A real, live female?" she asked. 

"Opposed to a fake, dead female?" 


Cam's reactions in Wait for You were emotional enough but watching them play out through his eyes took gut-wrenching to a whole new level. And I loved every minute of it! 


I also enjoyed the sneak peak of Be With Me, Jase and Teresa's story, which I'm super excited to read, for reasons.  

What Left Me Wanting More: Can we ever really have enough Cameron Hamilton, or Raphael for that matter? Me thinks not. 

Final Verdict: Camtastic addition to the series, fans of Wait for You will not be disappointed!

Review also posted at YABC.