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Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth FOUR. That is all.If I didn't already LURVE ME SOME TOBIAS EATON, THE TRANSFER would have sealed the deal for me!What I Loved: Everything you ever wanted to know about how FOUR ended up at the Dauntless compound and who gave him his name. This is a short read, topping out at 30 pages but is the first in a series of four novellas set to roll out over the next few months. Four in total and all from FOUR's POV. I AM READY!We got a glimpse of FOUR's backstory in DIVERGENT when he leads Tris through his own fearscape, but it is an entirely different (and at times, heartbreaking) experience to see it through his eyes. Can I just say, Marcus Eaton better be glad it was Tris he ran into in the books and not me, FOR REASONS. (Being allowed to live to see another day, reasons.)What Left Me Wanting More: GIVE ME ALL THE FOUR NOW PLEASE!Final Verdict: FOURIFIC addition to the DIVERGENT Trilogy.