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Hard As It Gets  - Laura Kaye What I Liked: If I'm being completely honest, the tattoos on the cover of this book are what piqued my interest in it. That, and I had just read, and enjoyed another Laura Kaye book and was curious to see how this one measured up. The story is interesting, the characters engaging and because I live close to Baltimore, I could easily visual the setting. The romance that develops between Nick and Becca is fast, intense and at times, graphic. And while there's definitely insta-attraction between these two, the emotional connection doesn't feel forced or trite which was nice. I enjoyed the "brotherhood" feeling among the guys as well and I really hope Jeremy gets his own book, for reasons. What Left Me Wanting More: The sexy scenes were more graphic than I was expecting.Final Verdict: Intriguing start to a new series. (Again, I vote for Jeremy's story!)