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Camp Boyfriend - J.K. Rock, J.K. Rock I Wish I Could Go To Summer Camp!This was such a fun book to read! It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made wish I wasn't too old (and married) to go to summer camp!Lauren is a fantastic female character who, despite struggling with choices about friends, family and boys, still has a good head on her shoulders which comes in handy when her heart gets caught between two equally swoontastic boys, Seth and Matt. It's obvious both boys care about her and both are definitely worthy of a FCK (First Camp Kiss) but only one will earn Lauren's heart. (And rightfully so for...ALL THE SWOONY REASONS!)Lauren expected Camp Juniper Point to be it's usual summer full of fun but it's turning out to be a summer full of suck. Her family's issues have followed her to camp, her friends are being major drama llamas and the boys aren't making it easy for her either, what with Seth reminding her of all the summers they've spent together and Matt constantly taking his shirt off or you know, displaying his mad rain dance skills. (Baseball anyone? O.O)Camp isn't a total loss though, because it's during this time that Lauren finally discovers who she is which is something no boy can give you, regardless of how smart he is or how great he looks without a shirt on. Lauren also learns that people have a way of surprising you and while life is full of tough and unpleasant things, how a person handles those situations is a sign of their true character.This really is a great read and I loved the characters, the witty writing and how J.K. Rock made Lauren the true hero of this story. They also made me cry (in a good way) because I came into CAMP BOYFRIEND rooting for one boy, fell in love with the other one and ended up waving my giant foam finger for Lauren! Read it!