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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell What I Liked: Heartwarming, engaging and humorous look at one girl's journey to find out who she is when she steps away from her computer and into real life. Fangirl has a witty MC and colorful cast of supporting characters, several of whom aren't even real. ;)Cath is a bit neurotic and faces all kind of challenges like, meeting new people, figuring out where the dining hall is and how to live apart from her sister for the first time, ever. But she also learns how to better her craft, develops her own friends (apart from Wren), falls in love and discovers a strength she didn't even know she had. I LOVED the humor and I appreciated the sweet fragility of the romance. And can I just say that the kissing scenes in this book are some of the BEST I have ever read? Because they totally are! *fans face* What Left Me Wanting More: I wanted to meet Levi's Mom. Final Verdict: The kissing scenes alone make this book worth the read!Favorite Quote(s): "I'm the cool one," she told herself. "Somebody give me some tequila because I'll totally drink it. And there's no way you're going to find me later having a panic attack in your parents' bathroom. Who want to French-kiss?" "Head, heart, hands, health. They don't have 4-H in South Omaha?" "They do, but it stands for hard, hip-hop, and Homey-don't-play-that." "Stop," Reagan groaned, "don't make me look at you. It's like THE SHINING in here."