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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout *For those who are unsure and because I have been asked numerous times about it, this is NOT a YA book. It IS set within the same "world" as the Lux series BUT these characters are adults who think and act like adults - just so you know. I am a sucker for background stories and this was like a mini history lesson for the Lux series. Not only do I view the Luxen differently now, but I neverevereverever expected to like the tall, dark and shadowy Hunter. He has a potty mouth like nobody's business but he cracked me up! (He would have to curb that if he came to visit, but still.) He thinks he has this job in the bag but Hunter gets more than he bargained for with Serena. She's strong, loyal, feisty and has an aim that would give the best MLB pitcher arm envy. Unsure of who can really be trusted, Hunter and Serena have no choice but to depend on each other. The longer they're together though the more dangerous the situation becomes and the harder their attraction is to deny. (insert super steamy parts) Hunter will be forced to choose between keeping his kind off the radar, protecting his heart and Serena safe, that's if he can keep from killing her himself.