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You Are Mine (Mine, #1) - Janeal Falor Thank you Janeal Falor for sending me this book to review.What I liked: I'm not usually a huge fan of stories with a lot of magic or fantasy (Shadow and Bone having been the exception) but I enjoyed this book. It's well written with engaging characters and detailed world building. You Are Mine has plenty of romance too but the message focuses on sacrificial love and the need for change. This was not always an easy read because of the way women are treated, Serena in particular. However, there are a few key players who are excellent examples of what love should look/feel like and one whose kindness and patience was made of all the awesome. What left me wanting: The women are said to have magic in their blood and I was waiting for Serena to unleash some of that - perhaps in the next book. I also wanted more of a certain character who shall not be named for fear of spoilers. ;)Final verdict: Magic, fantasy, romance and swoon, You Are Mine is an entertaining start to a new series.