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The Collector - Victoria Scott LOVED.DANTE.SO.FLIPPIN'.HARD!Excuse me while I fangirl ALL OVER Dante! (while wearing a pair of red converse, of course.)The rumors are true, Dante Walker is "flippin' awesome", he had me at "finger blades" and he reminds me of a Twix cupcake.Wait.A cupcake?Yeah, I said it 'cuz that's how I roll...Dante is tall, dark and sinfully delicious, just the way I like my chocolate cake. From the outside he looks like any other confectionery perfection, I mean, did you see those red kicks he's rockin'? But one bite reveals quite a few surprises. Dante's got a rich, multi-layered flavor that is to.die.for, yanno, if he wasn't already a goner. *shrugs* His snarkiliciousness can be a tad crunchy at times, much like the graham cracker that tends to float to the top during baking, but his heart is made of melted goodness that closely resembles the homemade caramel filling. I know what you're thinking - the caramel kinda tastes like liquid sin and, yeah it does, but it isn't all bad and neither is Dante but it's cool, we'll play along with his "Bad to the bone" persona, m'kay?Dante's job as The Collector seems simple enough - for every sin he "helps" a person commit regardless of size, he gets to tag them and then it's a first class ticket on the "Hand basket Express" for that poor soul, no passing Judgment Day and no collecting a pair of white fluffy wings. See, Dante knows there's a battle being waged for our souls and all those "little sins" add up, but in order for the scales to stay balanced, you gotta decide whose Team you're on, Big Guy's or Boss Man's, the latter of which will most likely earn you a front row seat in "The Collector 101" class.Being the Boss Man's right hand dude does have it's perks but it also has it's challenges - the biggest one Dante will face is about to come in the form of Charlie Cooper. Now, if Dante is a Twix cupcake, then Charlie is a rainbow funfetti cupcake. At first glance, her vanilla exterior may look as if she's made of "lame" but it isn't long before all that beautiful color hiding inside comes bursting out like, *POW* and when it does, poor Dante doesn't stand a chance. He'll begin to question everything he's ever thought to be true about his job, Boss Man and Big Guy, and more importantly, himself.Dante Walker may not believe in second chances, but before this fast-paced, action packed romance is over, a second chance just might believe in him. (I believe in you too D, just so you know. *smooshes you*)Final verdict: I love you SO HARD DANTE WALKER!Good PointsFavorite Quote(s):"But let me tell ya, spend every day living only for yourself, every day indulging in little sins that aren't that big of a deal, and one day I may be showing you the ropes in hell. Amen.""I came as Awesome Sauce," I say. "You probably wouldn't recognize it."