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The Best Man - Kristan Higgins I LOVED that! LOVED!!! Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin for this ARC. What I loved: Heartwarming, romantic and hilariously funny, The Best Man is Kristan Higgins' best work yet! I devoured this book in one day and I can't remember laughing so hard or so often. (My stomach hurt from laughing so hard I counted it as my ab workout.) Faith, Levi and the rest of this entertaining cast of characters are realistic and relateable.The scenery is beautiful and the romance is steamilicious without being raunchy, something I found incredibly refreshing in this post "quinquagenarian shadiness" era. Also, automatic toilets have always frightened me and I'll never look at Justin Timblerake or white hoodies the same way again. *snort* One of the things I enjoy about Kristan's MC's is that the women come in all shapes and sizes and the men, while certainly nice to look at, aren't perfect. Levi for example, is a war veteran and the town's police chief who tends to have issues with control and smiling but trust me, he's completely swoonworthy. Faith is beautiful, funny and stronger than she realizes. With a little help from family and her dog, Blue, she and Levi both learn what it means to forgive and how loving someone can teach you how to truly live. What left me wanting: I didn't want this story to end! I could've read another 400+ pages of Faith and Levi's story. :DFinal verdict: Lighthearted romance that you don't want to miss! You can thank me later, or you know, thank Kristan because she wrote it. ;)Favorite quote(s):"Want to have a drink sometime?" "No! I mean, sure, to catch up, but not romantically, okay? Because I babysat you." "Maybe they could go into business. Condescending Looks, LLC