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Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins Thank you to Netgalley!This was a light, quick read filled with equal parts romance and humor. Kristin Higgins always manages to write characters who have depth and charm and are able to entertain while simultaneously breaking your heart.Parker's father is a Madoff wannabe who not only loses the family's fortune but both her trust fund and her young son's as well leaving them virtually penniless. Her only saving grace is a forgotten beach house left to her by a great aunt. Having never laid eyes on the house, she makes plans to fix the house up and sell it as soon as possible in order to jump start her life again. What her plans don't involve are falling in love with the one person she can't stand, her father's right hand man James Cahill. James is everything to her father that Parker is not, including the son he never had. James also happens to be very, very easy on the eyes. (VU-RY. Mm-kay?) When James offers to help Parker with the house, she balks at first but quickly relents when she realizes she needs his skills and more importantly, his friendship. Things get complicated (and all kinds of friendly.ALL.KINDS.) fast when it becomes clear that the history Parker and James share (one she doesn't like to talk about) might not be so far from either of their minds. The longer they spend together, the more Parker begins to wonder if James could be what she's been searching for all along. James starts to realize that Parker could be the only person who can help him heal not only his past but his heart as well. *sighs* This story is not without it's romantical parts and it's steamy parts *fans face* but underneath lies a bittersweet story of two broken people in search of love. Fans of Kristin Higgins' other books will recognize the sites, sounds and familiar faces of the waterfront town in which Parker's new home is located.