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A Need So Beautiful - Suzanne Young I was really looking forward to reading this book and while I think the writing is good, it just wasn't what I was expecting. The story is one of love and sacrifice (both good themes) and hints at the beginnings of a battle of good versus evil that I imagine will play out over the next few books since this is slated to be a trilogy. My Trilodar went off around Chapter 2, I think.Charlotte is the main character and she is a closet Angel or a similar form of "light" bearer and is regularly consumed by "The Need" which leads her to the people she is supposed to help. Each time "The Need" begins she suffers severe physical pain until she completes her task but because she can't tell anyone about this (she tried telling a nun once who accused her of lying) she pretends it's just a series of asthma attacks. She lives with Mercy, her foster Mom, who has also taken in Alex and Georgia. Her best friend is, Sarah, a rich girl with major Daddy issues and a bad reputation at the Catholic school they both attend. Harlin is her boyfriend who seems to genuinely love her but she still has to hide her secret from him. Monroe, who is the closet thing to a father figure that Charlotte has, is a Doctor at the local clinic but he's also a Seer who ends up helping her when things begin to spiral out of control in her life. The more "The Need" calls to her, the more she fades away and those she loves forget her and the closer she comes to the end of her life as she knows it. She is ultimately faced with a choice...to fulfill her purpose, eventually crossover becoming a Forgotten or decide to stay and become one of the Shadows. The more Charlotte learns about herself and her purpose in life, the more she struggles with putting her own wants first, ahead of others needs. She also has to figure out who she can really trust. I liked that Charlotte is loyal, loving and kind and readily gives in to "The Need" when it calls to her - wiling to help those around her even if she doesn't always agree with what message she's delivering. She's a great friend to Sarah, sticking by her regardless of her reckless behavior and even seeing past it to the hurt and pain caused by her father. She tries on many occasions to encourages Sarah to make good choices but loves her anyway when she doesn't. She loves Harlin wholeheartedly too and tries to help him mend his relationship with his Mom. (His dad was killed a few years prior.) Angels/Nephilim/Winged Bearers of Good News, etc. have definitely taken over in the world of YA Lit and this book is no different. I'm not sure yet if I'll read the next book when it comes out but I might, even if it's just to find out who Harlin really is. ;)