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Of Poseidon - Anna Banks I don't know WHY no one told me about this book sooner?! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge mythology fan HOWEVER, I'm SO VERY GLAD I read this book! It's got action, adventure, humor and romance. I mean, I barely made it to page 3 before I was laughing out loud, on a plane bound for Florida no less. This earned me several angry glares probably because the pilot had just announced that one of the air ducts was falling apart. I guess the other passengers thought I found the idea of all of us swimming with the fishes, hilarious. I didn't by the way, I was just choosing to look at the bright side, you know, maybe if we had gone on an unexpected swimming adventure we might've met Galen for reals. Maybe. *shrugs*What I liked: Being able to see the story unfold from both Galen and Emma's POV's especially since they're so different was a nice touch. Emma was a fabulous MC! She's snarky, strong-willed and very familiar with all things awkward. (*fist bumps* her) Galen is a nice blend of steam and swoon without going overboard and his desire to do what's in the best interest of his kind is admirable even if I did want shake the squid brain every now and then.I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary characters of Chloe, Rayna and Toraf which doesn't always happen. And the fact that the romance wasn't love at first manfish was a plus. What left me wanting more: Can you ever really have enough of Galen Forza? I mean, really? Final verdict: Ohmysweetgoodness that was AMAZEFISH! :DIs it May yet? Because that's an awful long time to have to wait for "Of Triton"!