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Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout When you slice up a birthday cake you usually scrape the knife off between each slice otherwise the pieces look messy and unappetizing when you serve it. By the time you're finished there's a pile of leftover frosting and cake bits on the plate that a lot of people throw away, but not me. That happens to be my favorite part of the cake, right behind the corner piece, you know, the one will all the frosting? If you're wondering what any of this has to do with Opal, just hold your Luxen, I'm getting there. *winks*I was so.very.excited to read this, I mean, it is Daemon Black we're talking about but you add Dawson to the mix and it's like scoring the corner piece of birthday cake AND getting to lick the plate it was served on. (Now I want cake.)I thoroughly enjoy Jennifer's writing style and she has a way of giving readers what they want, maybe not at the exact moment they want it, but just when we need it. Opal picks up where Onyx leaves off and while it didn't move as quickly as the previous books that was totally OK because it lent some much needed time for adjusting to life with Dawson, healing, preparation for the fight ahead, and of course, kissing. These characters learn hard lessons about love, loss and exactly what it means to "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Dawson rarely speaks but it's painfully obvious he's racked with guilt and wants nothing more than to get Beth back. *hugs Dawson* Dee is harboring anger and hurt over Adam as well feeling betrayed by Katy and Daemon and her inability to be in the same room with Katy, let alone "friends" is hard for everyone. Daemon is torn between his feelings for Katy and his need to protect both she and Dawson and there are some truly heartbreaking moments for him. *clutches Daemon* Katy struggles with the changes that have happened to her over the past few months and the guilt she feels about being responsible for it all. She even begins to question her own humanity but Daemon does a great job of supporting and encouraging her. Now, if he would just say those three little words, you know, in English. *shakes him* Their scenes are definitely steamier than before *fans face* but as always, Jennifer keeps it classy.Everything builds up to this ending and while I had an idea of what would happen (there are a few clues scattered about) and I knew we wouldn't get another "calm" ending like with Onyx, I still...well, let's just say the Source really hit the fan and left me feeling all the feels. I can't wait to see how this all ends! Btw, If you don't fall in love with Daemon by the end of this book then I think it's safe to assume, you're either an Arum or a Zombie. And yes Dee, I know what happens when you "assume" things. ;D