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Parallel Visions (A Teen Psychic Novel, #1) - Cheryl Rainfield This is a quick read about Kate, a lifelong asthma sufferer who sees visions whenever an attack strikes. She's able to see the past as well as the future, but her ability doesn't do a lot of good when no one believes that what she sees is real.She longs to be a normal teen whose family doesn't hover 24/7 and whose not always known as the "sick girl" at school, especially around Gil, the guy she's crushing on. When Kate suffers multiple attacks in one day and sees two different life threatening situations, one involving her sister and the other, someone close to Gil, she'll have to decide if telling him about her ability is worth risking their friendship. Not wanting either person to suffer, Kate figures out how to bring on the visions in an effort to use her "weakness" to help, but each time she does, she poses an even greater risk to her own life.This was my first book by author Cheryl Rainfield (who graciously provided an e-book copy for review) and I found her writing style to be creative and enjoyable. I liked that Kate was concerned about others and willing to do whatever she could to help them, even if the cost to her was great. Domestic abuse, bullying, rape and suicide are all relevant issues addressed in this book.