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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout OhMygods...Jennifer L. Armentrout has done it again! I could not put this book down, even when it literally fell apart in my hands from the heat. (Seriously, the glue on the binding melted off and Chapter 25 fell out onto my lap.) My first thought was, "Wow, Aiden is too hot for the pages!" *winks*In this third installment in the Covenant Series, Deity brings all the things we love about JLA's writing to it's pages; blood pumping action, bittersweet romance, witty humor and heart-stopping suspense. And this ending is...*clutches chest*... intense! I went from laughing hysterically to having my heart handed to me on a titanium covered platter in a matter of sentences. This is truly one of the most creative and entertaining series' I've ever read.Deity picks up where Pure left off and we find Alex and Seth back on Deity Island where they're pretty much attached at the hip or rather, their marks of the Apollyon. Alex has had little time to deal with what happened in the Catskills and all it could mean for she and Aiden. Her internal battle between love and Fate continues and even though she is dead-set on graduating and becoming a Sentinel, her role as the second Apollyon may super-seed her wants. Her heart belongs Aiden but the akasha running through her body pulls her closer towards Seth whenever he's around. And he's always around. Seth amps ups their "training" and Alex suspects he does so in the hopes of her Awakening early. (Things she "does not want".) He continues to assure her that everything will be better and together, they'll be able to bring about change. But is it the kind of change Alex wants?Things become even more complicated when Aiden is assigned to guard Alex while Seth is away on a super seekrit Apollyon mission. The time they spend together allows them to explore their feelings for one another and in the process, they uncover an ugly truth about the past and a plot designed to take Alex out before her birthday. It seems history is set to repeat itself unless something or someone changes it. Alex also learns that trust doesn't mean the same to everyone and her reckless, knee-jerk reaction, which is only balanced out by her willingness to put others first, could have deadly consequences.As her birthday quickly approaches, so does the threat of losing everything she holds dear. And when the gods finally show up, all Hades will break loose leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake. Alex may not be able to stop her Awakening from happening but she and everyone around her can only hope that her natural strength will be enough to keep her from losing herself and her heart in the process. *fingers crossed*Jennifer writes her characters in such a way that I'm always left feeling ALL THE FEELS. We meet some new faces in Deity but we also get to see different sides of familiar characters - some that will make you laugh, swoon and fan your face and others that will leave you choking on your own tears. Good times.The character who surprised me the most was Aiden. I've been a proud member of "Team Aiden" since Daimon but Deity had me swooning, OhMyAiden! Seth left me torn between wanting to hug him or punch him in the face and Deacon, Luke and Leon had me in fits of laughter. I love Alex but she really frustrated me, especially when she would make decisions that were not going to end well. I actually found myself yelling at her, "Don't do it! Don't do it!". (I have similar reactions to scary movie MC's who go against the instinct that tells them to "RUN!" but instead they feel the need to "check out" the noises coming from the kitchen. *rolls eyes* Everyone knows the kitchen is the favorite hiding spot of ALL THE BAD THINGS.)Fans of The Covenant Series will NOT be disappointed and Deity's end is so intense, it had me wishing my last name was Piperi so I could get a glimpse of what's to come in Apollyon.