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Easy - Tammara Webber This book is just, WOW! EASY was my first book by Tammara Webber and I have to admit, the cover *coughs* guy *coughs* is what caught my attention. Yes, I realize that sounds uber shallow but what-evs, I'm a sucker for fictional guys with cool hair and tats. I was completely caught off guard with how it began but it's such a powerful opening and sets the stage for the overall tone, plot and message.Jacqueline has not only suffered the break-up of her 3 year relationship with her High School boyfriend, Kennedy, but she also has to endure his Frat parties because her BFF and roommate is dating his "brother". Sure, one could argue that she doesn't have to go with Erin but that's easier said than done. (Been there. Done that.) Adjusting to life after Kennedy is hard enough but nothing compares to what happens on Halloween and the aftermath. Jacqueline will discover who her real friends are and that the ability to defend yourself goes beyond the physical. Having the courage to speak up regardless of the social consequences can impact more than just your own circumstances. I think my favorite character may have been, Jacqueline's BFF, Erin. I LOVED her! She made me laugh so hard I cried (on numerous occasions). She's bold, brazen and fierce. You definitely want her on your team whether it's at a Frat Formal or in a dark alley. She's the kind of friend who always has your back and takes no prisoners as is evident here --> "So when do we get to the junk-kicking?" ~ ErinKennedy is a self-absorbed prick. Excuse my "French" but there's really no other way to describe him. He's used to getting what he wants and yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes apologies come just a little too late. Lucas is a knight in shining Starbucks apron strings with his cool hair, and tats. (Don't even get me started on the lip ring.) Wielding his graphite pencil and a 'tude that exudes "coolsauce", he seems the most likely candidate to play "Rebound Guy" to Jacqueline's broken heart but Lucas proves you can't always judge a book by it's cover. He has secrets of his own and it will take more than a few coffee breaks and make-out sessions *fans face* before Jacqueline uncovers them. Once she does, she'll be lucky if she doesn't end up heartbroken all over again.This story is one of love, friendship and learning what makes you brave. (It's also a little about *punching/kicking/stomping fear in the junk*). I think every girl AND guy needs to read this because the message is so very important. "No" means "No" and it doesn't matter what you're wearing, or not wearing, when you say the word. We are responsible for our own action or inaction, both of which can have a farther reaching impact than we could ever know.