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Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout In "Half-Blood", Seventeen year old Alex is back at the Covenant, the one place her mother warned her never to return, the place they fled for three years, although Alex was never told why. Here she's among her "kind", half-bloods, as well as pures and there are rules they must follow...so.many.rules which have never been Alex's strong suit. The number #1 rule of the Covenant is: Relationships between pures and halfs are forbidden. This creates a little problem for Alex considering she's got the hots for Aiden, the dark haired, gray-eyed Sentinel whose blood runs pure. I liked Alex in "Daimon" and I LOVED her in "Half-Blood"! She shows great strength, both emotionally and physically considering all she's been thorough and even her stubbornness is less a weakness than it appears to be. She's constantly putting herself in danger for those she loves and even for a few people she doesn't particularly care for. She's a Sentinel at heart and knows it's her duty to protect others no matter the cost. While she's often perceived as reckless or immature for breaking the rules, in reality she's fighting the injustice of the old ways. She believes things should be fair and equal for everyone, that one breed shouldn't consider themselves better than the other and that's admirable. The guys in this series aren't too shabby either...Caleb is Alex's long time BFF and everyone should be so lucky to have one just like him. He knows her better than anyone else, is loyal almost to a fault and he's hilarious! Aiden is the one all the girls drool over but can only dream about and I can't say I blame them. He's tall, dark and all kind of hotsauce but he also has a tortured past, allowing him to understand Alex in a way that few others can. It's obvious that he has feelings for Alex but he's wants to do what's best for her, even if it means denying what he feels in order to keep from breaking the rules. To keep her safe. *swoon*Seth is the new guy on the island and he's all mystery, electricity, snark and hormones. (Alex doesn't know what everyone else sees in him because all he does for her is annoy the crap out of her.) He's tall, blond and beautiful and has these strange markings that show up whenever he and Alex touch. He's the visual opposite of Aiden and they're not exactly ready to strike up a bromance but their witty banter is highly entertaining. Alex has a lot on her plate in Half-Blood but remembering not to break all the rules before graduation may be the least of her worries. If she fails in her duty to become a Sentinel, she could face a life of servitude. Even worse, if she gets turned into a daimon herself, she'll be hunted by Aiden and that would be all kinds of awkward.