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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I *hearts* this! I actually went into my local Barnes & Noble JUST to read this letter because my copy didn't have it. It almost made me cry. In public. (which I don't do.) Merged review:Let's take a moment to drool over, I mean, appreciate the pretty cover, shall we? *sighs*Once again, Cassandra Clare has managed to suck me into her colorful story of adventure, intrigue, love, romance and excruciating heartbreak. *clutches chest* Normally, I blast through books in a few hours, but I purposely took my time with this one because I wanted to savor every minute with Will, Jem and Tessa but HOLY CUPCAKE!! Could you find another way to rip my heart out, do a "stomp the yard" dance on it and throw it back at me with demon pox all over it?! *clutches chest* How anyone with a heart can NOT be "Team Will" after this book, I'll never understand but if they aren't, then I say, in the words of giddy Will, "A demonpox on all your houses!" OK, so that's a tad harsh but still."Clockwork Prince" picks up right where "Clockwork Angel" leaves off, with Tessa still trying to discover who she is and what Mortmain wants with her. She's no longer the naive girl who first arrived in London but has grown into a strong, brave young woman whose learning to hold her own among the Shadowhunters. She seeks solace from her broken heart in her friendship with Jem only to discover that her feelings for him may be developing into something stronger. Will continues to battle his inner demons while struggling with his feelings for Tessa. He's doing his best to push her away but he finds the more he does the more he feels drawn to her. Jessamine is still as self centered as ever, Sophie, just as loyal and Charlotte and Henry are forced to deal with pressure from the Clave that brings Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood to their door. (Hellew Gideon!) There were a lot less of those creepy metal automatons which was a good thing because they gave me nightmares after reading "Clock Angel" (no offense to Ms. Clare). I'm sure they'll make their return and in full force in "Clockwork Princess" but for now, it's all about the humans. (so to speak) Gabriel and Gideon add a spark to the mix as do the new servants who are assigned to take Agatha and Thomas' places while Sophie proves again that she's not your average housemaid.I was not expecting this to be as gut wrenching as it was and I was following the Twitter threads which I thought would've prepared me some - #sillyme. Will's story, his family and the letter he writes them will rip your heart out. *clutches chest* When he realizes he's been misled and he attempts to undo all that's happened, you'll be shouting "TEAM WILL!" from the rooftops, or at least from wherever you're reading. Don't get me wrong, I like Jem, I really, really like him but I *HEARTS* Will! (There is just something about those tortured Herondale boys.) There's still plenty of adventure and a lot of heart racing passion. (A LOT!) The end is a roller coaster ride of emotions (*CLUTCHES CHEST*) leaving you wishing it wasn't such a long wait for "Clockwork Princess" to be released. SPOILERS: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKWhat I loved about the book:*Will's vulnerability*I LOVE giddy Will!*Will & Tessa on the balcony*Jem & Tessa in Jem's roo*Charlotte & Henry (Chapter 18)*Sophie & Gideon (I *hearts* him too)*Magnus' kindness towards WillWhat I didn't love about the book:*Still not knowing what Tessa is.*I didn't love Jem & Tessa's engagement because I think Will and Tessa belong together. Now, the only way it seems possible for them to be together without Jem getting hurt is for him to die and that's no fun. My question is if Jem and Will are supposedly so close, how could he not have a clue about Will's feelings for Tessa? He's supposed to know Will so well but missed this? Rubbish! I can't put my finger on it but something just doesn't sit right with me about Jem and Tessa. I know that Jem is the safe pick for her but she's "in love" with Will. There's a difference between being "in love" with and "loving" someone.