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The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin 4.75 Stars! I.can't.even... Pardon me while I *fangirl* ALL OVER THE PLACE! This is one book I was DYING to read and am so thankful to have had the chance to do so. However, I've now had to sit with my thoughts for a couple of days on this review for two reasons, 1) I don't want to spoil anything and 2) Oh.My.Mara...this book has seriously messed with my head but in the best way possible! Michelle Hodkin has written a sequel that is a creeptastic mix of psychological torment, humor and heart-aching romance. It left me slightly confused (Real? Or not real?) a little bit wary (I don't know if I like where this is going...*chews nails*) and sucking all the air out of the room while clutching my chest and shrieking, "OMG! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?! Because...Because...I.CAN'T.EVEN!" at the end. (I'm convinced Michelle Hodkin is trying.to.kill.me via book heart attack or at least cause me to have a nervous breakdown but I'm completely OK with this.) If you loved Unbecoming, you will no doubt love Evolution as well and find it hard to put down. (I know I did.) Mara's family dynamic takes center stage and I still wish Daniel was real so I could adopt him as MY big brother. Some questions are answered but new ones also arise leaving one to question the sanity of everyone. (yourself included) The romance between Mara and Noah is as *face fanning* as ever and we get to see parts of Noah Shaw that will make you fall more in love with him (if that's even possible) and has very little to do with the fact that he's shirtless. Seriously, he's so swoon worthy it's painful at times.Old friends mix with new ones which, when combined with the plot twists and turns, makes for one crazy and mind blowing ride. (I was happy to see one of those friends in particular and as usual *they* were FANTASTIC!) Just when you think you have this story all figured out, Hodkin delivers a cliffhanger that will shock.the.beejezus out of you! It will also leave you craving the third book which I need like, yesterday. ;)