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Of Blood and Bone - Courtney Cole 3.5 Stars *There are a few things mentioned that could be viewed as "spoilery" but I will do my best not to get too detailed with those.Dark, mysterious and hauntingly romantic are the first words that come to mind when I think of this book. It's a story that draws you in and holds you captive until the last page, if for no other reason than wanting to solve the mystery surrounding Luca Minaldi. It's well written, the characters are engaging and the setting makes me want to book a trip to Malta TODAY! (I just need to have some of that "Spawn of Satan" spray on hand. *shudders*) Like any romance, there are pros and cons to this one. The fact that both Eva and Luca are willing to look past each other's shortcomings is good and Luca's devotion to his mother is commendable, all things considered. The downside is the co-dependency that seems to arise as a result of what they're dealing with and the physical side of their relationship certainly pushes the limits. There are a couple of scenes that are very graphic and violent in nature and some readers may have trouble with them, especially if they've ever lived through a similar experience. I found the mystery of "Luca" intriguing and thought I'd figured it out but there are enough plot twists to keep you guessing. I enjoyed the alternating POV's and the lighthearted banter between Eva and Luca especially in the beginning. It will be interesting to see where this new series heads next!