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One Pink Line - Dina Silver 2.5 StarsI had some issues with this book...This is the kind of book that breaks your heart right out of the starting gate and leaves you in a state of limbo until the end. Despite Sydney's struggles, there's still an air of "Happily Ever After" that just didn't seem realistic to me. It's a sweet story (in a round about way) with Ethan being my favorite character but even he seemed too good to be true. In fact, the families as a whole came across as supportive to a fault. I've had friends who've found themselves in very similar situations as this one and none of them had quite the "success" that Sydney had.I did like how it ended and was glad to finally see Grace's attitude change. (I really didn't care for her) It's never easy to feel different or like you don't really belong but it's also foolish not to appreciate what's right in front of you.