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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire This is one of those books I was excited to read because I'd heard a lot of good things about it, that is, until someone compared it to 50 Shades. (I'm not a fan of those books for a multitude of reasons). The first thing that bothered me about this was the cover. It's almost exactly the same as "A World Apart" which is just confusing to me. I expect to duplicity from indie books but not from mainstream publishers.The story itself was alright but I felt like the relationship between Travis and Abbey was an unhealthy forgone conclusion. I found his anger issues to be scary and his overall behavior was borderline stalkerish. I liked Abbey in the beginning when she was standing up for herself and while I understand the bad-boy pull, there's no way I'd allow a guy to treat me the way she allows Travis to treat her. I can see why people are comparing it to 50 Shades because it does seem like a watered down version minus all of the sexually explicit scenes. Travis is controlling and overbearing and Abbey relents after deciding she can't live without him. Meh.This just wasn't the book for me.