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Beta - Rachel Cohn 2.75 StarsI wanted to love this but...Beta is the first Rachel Cohn book I've read and I really enjoyed the way she writes. The story is well written with an interesting concept but I felt like most of the book dragged and didn't get really engaging until the last 1/4 and then it ends. Granted, it's a game changer at the end, which I'm sure was crafted in order to create anticipation for the next book but, still. I had trouble connecting with Elysia's character and I'm not sure why. I was indifferent to her until near the end when everything seems to come at her all at once and by that point, I was left feeling frustrated and sad. I also had trouble keeping certain character's names straight because they were so similar and that was distracting. I just don't know that this series will be for me but I know there are a lot of readers who will love it!