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Dante's Girl (The Paradise Diaries, #1) - Courtney Cole If you're looking for a lighthearted, funny story with a swoon worthy romance that takes place in a breathtaking setting, then this is the book for you!I thoroughly enjoyed this story and haven't laughed so much since reading "My Life Next Door." Reece is a small town girl from Kansas who literally bumps into the adventure of her life when she meets Dante Giliberti, the beautiful boy from the beautiful island. The only problem? Dante's the son of the Prime Minister which means he and Reece aren't even in the same atmosphere let alone the same "league". While Reece's future involves finishing her senior year and then heading to college, Dante's future has been planned for him since the moment he was born, right down to who he will marry one day. But a freak accident that forces them to spend time together will test the boundaries of love, life and old-world traditions. Reece and Dante will learn just how important it is to live the life YOU want because you only get one. They'll also discover whether or not love really is all that matters when your lives are worlds apart.This really was a FUN read! There's a "Cinderella" element but it's not over done. Reece is down to earth and funny. Her ability to laugh at herself is what makes her so likable and her internal conversations are HILARIOUS! I really liked Mia - she's straightforward and isn't afraid to be herself. Then there's Dante... *sighs* This "beautiful boy" not only has good looks but he has some beautiful manners and a great sense of humor too which is what made him so appealing for me. He certainly isn't perfect but he does his best to make the right choices concerning the people he cares about.