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Starring Me - Krista McGee **GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG** http://jenuinecupcakes.blogspot.com/2012/07/starring-me-by-krista-mcgee.html4.5 STARS! Thank you to Thomas Nelson who provided me with a e-galley.Starring Me is a fun, refreshing read about a girl as feisty as her red hair, a cute boy and the chance of a lifetime. This story is loosely based on the biblical story of Issac and Rebekah and is a companion novel to McGee's debut, First Date, (where we first meet Kara).Kara McCormick was born to perform and while she didn't win the boy on The Book of Love, she came away with an even better prize in her new best friend Addy. The girls have a lot in common but the one thing they don't share is Addy's belief in God. Kara doesn't see the need for Him in her life even though she's seen Him work in Addy's. All that changes when Kara gets the chance to audition for a new teen sketch comedy show, convinced it's her ticket to making her dreams come true. When things don't go as smoothly as she expected, she'll discover that God works in our lives whether we acknowledge Him or not. Kara also gets a lesson about what's really important and the meaning of real love - the kind that's all consuming and never ending.I thoroughly enjoyed Kara! She's straightforward, selfless and laugh-out-loud funny. She shows integrity and an openness to what Addy and several others have to say. There's a sweetness to the friendship she develops with Chad and parents of younger readers have nothing to worry about. The idea of courtship; not dating until you're serious about finding a lifelong partner is addressed with Kara and Addy discussing the pros and cons of bouncing from one relationship to the next.Krista McGee is one of the few Christian authors I've found who is able to share a message of love, forgiveness and grace without sounding preachy or cheesy. McGee's characters are believable and relateable. I'm a Christian and I don't enjoy reading stories where everything is over the top or with characters who are too "perfect".There's also a Q&A in the back for small groups or book club discussions.