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For Always - Danielle Sibarium 3.5 Stars!Thank you to author, Danielle Sibarium for this e-book! This is a nicely written contemporary albeit a little darker and heavier on the teen angst and depression than your traditional YA read. Stephanie's story sucked me right in but hers is not an easy one and I was left feeling emotionally drained. Despite all she's been through, she showed courage and a willingness to make the most of her life even after she felt as though she'd hit rock bottom. (Refusing to give up is rarely a bad thing.) Jordan was a mixed bag for me because while I liked him, I also found him extremely frustrating. He had his own set of issues to deal with but I couldn't help feeling like he was stringing Stephanie along and using the age difference as an excuse. It was encouraging to see Stephanie hold onto more than just her hope for a future with Jordan, but I was a little surprised with how it ended. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning to finish this and was like, "Wait. That's it? But...but...I want to know more!" This isn't a negative thing, it's just where my need for an Epilogue comes in. I am an Epilogue junkie after all. :D