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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone - Kat Rosenfield Fans of Imaginary Girls & The River King will enjoy this.OK, so, this wasn't a bad book, just not the one for me. (It opens with a sex scene which wasn't explicit but was still off putting to me.) The book is told from alternating POV's, Becca and Amelia's and the story, their stories run parallel with one another before finally colliding in the end.There's something about this book that made it feel like a mix of Alice Hoffman's, "The River King" and Nova Ren Suma's, "Imaginary Girls" with it's mystery, murder, heart-breaking twists and complex characters. The prose, while somewhat poetic, was really lengthy in places and lost my attention.Becca and Amelia are four years apart but share the same hope of wanting something more than what their lives currently offer them. Both have boyfriends who love them but make a series of mistakes that jeopardize the future of their relationships. Where Becca spends her time angry, hurt and suddenly unsure of her future, Amelia is full of life and great expectations...until she isn't.I always hope to like whatever book I'm currently reading and this one is no exception but it was a little too depressing for my taste.