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The Treachery of Beautiful Things - Ruth Frances Long How gorgeous is this cover?! *stares*This is beautifully written, full of imagination, fantasy and romance, with engaging characters that draw you in immediately. Jenny was the only witness to her brother Tom's disappearance and it's haunted her for the past seven years. She wants nothing more than to find a way to bring him back but she has no idea of how to do that. Dealing with the loss hasn't been easy on Jenny or her family and she decides it's time to move on. When she comes back to the spot where Tom was taken, intending to say a final farewell, she finds herself lured into the trees and begins an adventure that will test everything she's ever believed about bedtimes stories, fairy tales and love.Once inside the forest, the very same one that claimed her brother, Jenny will be surrounded by creatures she only thought existed in make believe. She'll also discover that life beyond the trees can be more nightmare than happy ending and there is danger in beauty. Jack, the mysterious boy who promised to help her find Tom is no exception. He's brave, strong, and has a beauty all his own. Though they drive each other crazy at times, Jenny can sense that he's hiding something.Being stuck in a land of mythical creatures who play by their own rules can have some serious disadvantages and Jenny will have to figure out who she can really trust. The closer she gets to Tom, the more dangerous her journey becomes and before it's over, Jenny will be forced to make a heart-wrenching choice between life and love. *clutches chest*This vaguely reminded me of Julie Kagawa's "Iron Fey" series but was scarier and without Ash. On a personal note, I love that the main character's name is Jennifer or Jenny as she's known throughout the story!