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Timepiece - Myra McEntire LOVED THIS SO HARD! Review to come. *clutches chest* *cries* "I'm a bad ass. A bad ass who bakes when he's depressed." Kaleb Ballard LOVE THE COVER!!!Thank you Netgalley and Egmont for Kaleb! It was like Christmas in April!I've been trying to put into words exactly how I feel about this book and honestly, to say, "I LOVED it" just doesn't seem like enough. This has been one of my MOST ANTICIPATED reads of 2012 and when I found out it would be told from Kaleb's POV? I wasn't sure my heart would be able to take it. That snarky, bad boy from The Hourglass who bakes when he's depressed had me before he finished tying the strings on his apron that says, "Kiss The Cook"! *fans face*Timepiece picks up where Hourglass left off with the evil Jack Landers on the run and taking people's memories with him when goes. Michael and Em are still lighting stuff up when they touch and Kaleb is back to working his magic with the ladies, leaving his trademark trail of broken hearts behind him. Things are far from normal though and in the middle of night of fun, a new enemy slips in with a warning. If Jack isn't caught soon, time as they know it could be changed resulting in devastating consequences for the future. The Hourglass recruits will have to pool their unique abilities in order to find Jack and the information he's stolen but will it be enough? Will they be able to catch him before it's too late? Timepiece had me laughing, crying, gasping, and CLUTCHING MY CHEST!When the recruits' search comes to a standstill they call for backup. Enter Lilly. (Girlfriend needs her own theme song, like how Darth Vadar has his entrance music.) It's no secret that Em's BFF, is made of pure awesomesaucilitasauce but she has a power all her own. She is one hot tamale and when she joins forces with the other recruits, it's as if a tiny storm cloud has swept through taking our boy Kaleb's ability to think straight with it. She makes it abundantly clear she is not on Team Kaleb nor will she put up with his bad boy behavior. Lilly also doesn't let him wallow in his empathetic ability and when things get bad and his natural inclination is to run, she makes him face his demons head on. She makes him see that he is good. (We love her for this!) This feisty little Cubano is exactly what our resident badass baker boy needs.As the search for Jack intensifies, so does the friction between Kaleb and Lilly and pretty soon, Em and Michael aren't the only ones setting off sparks. *fans face* Old threats, new enemies and possible allies emerge but it's hard to tell who can really be trusted. With so many things out of whack, The Hourglass has to look within itself for some answers. Nate and Dune try to school the others on the science of time travel that had me laughing so hard I snorted! Raise ya hand if you wanna enroll at The Hourglass and major in a certain "ology"? *RAISES HAND* *giggles* This book is so full of awesome and for a sophomore attempt, Myra hits it out of the park! The twists and turns left me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat. I thoroughly enjoyed Kaleb's voice and while I always love his snark, there are moments where his tenderness is so touching, it broke my heart and left me a useless puddle of tears and snot. *sniff*Just when I thought I figured how it would end, Myra threw a curve ball that made me gasp, "Hells Bells!" but was the perfect segue into the next book. GENIUS! It does leave me wondering though, if Hourglass was told from Em's POV, and this was Kaleb's, will the next book will be told from Michael's POV? If so, HOW COOL would THAT be? ;D