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What a Boy Needs - Nyrae Dawn OhMyJaden! Thank you Nyrae for giving us Jay's story even if it did break my heart and leave me struggling to hold it together by the end. *cries all the tears*I fell in love with Sebastian in What A Boy Wants but was also a HUGE fan of his smart ass BFF Jaden Sinclair. Jaden is cute, snarkilicious and the kind of guy whose always there for his friends no questions asked. His biggest flaw is not sharing his feelings with the people who love him. This is because his home life sucks and he's so beaten down by the those who are supposed to love him unconditionally. m/ *punches them in the face* Things get worse the closer it gets to Graduation and as a result, Jay ends up in jail which jeopardizes the road trip to NYC he and his friends have been looking forward to all year.Jaden seems to be spiraling out of control and his only hope are his lifelong friends, Sebastian, Aspen and Priscilla. Things between the foursome are strained at best because of all that went down last summer when Sebastian and Aspen finally got together and Jaden rejected Pris. The kicker is Jaden loves Pris and wants nothing more than to be with her but he doesn't feel like he's good enough. In fact, he's beginning to doubt he's good enough for any of his friends anymore. *hugs Jay* As they set off for NYC, Jay does his best to enjoy the time he has left with his friends but his inner demons just won't let up and when it all comes to head he'll have to choose between what's real and the lies he's believed all his life. His choice could mean the difference between a new beginning full of hope and love or pushing away the very people he needs the most.Jaden's story absolutely broke my heart and I wanted to smack the people in his life who'd hurt him. His story is also one of strength and the courage to stand up for what's right. Family isn't always about blood or who raises us even, it's about the people in your life who really see you and who love you no matter what.