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Anything But Ordinary - Lara Avery Beautiful cover! 3.75 Stars!This is a well written, interesting book about making every day count but it broke my heart. I found myself torn throughout most of it, because while I wanted to know, HAD TO KNOW how it all ended...I also wanted to stop reading because it hurt too much at times. *cries* For the record, I was so unhappy with how this book ended that when I went to sleep that night, I actually dreamed it ended differently. (Yes, I'm aware of my issues.) I can not imagine being in Bryce's shoes, waking up to find that five years have passed and everything she's ever known, ever loved, has changed and moved on without her. *clutches chest* She experiences changes too, unexplainable ones that force her to see herself and life differently. She learns how precious life can be and decides to make every day count which is great but heartbreaking nonetheless. Carter, the Resident she meets in the hospital is there to help her as she starts over. He's smart, cute and seems to understand this new version of Bryce in ways that no one else can. But her past won't leave her alone and what she thought was lost to her forever wants to be a part of her future. Bryce will have to choose between the possibility of life as she once dreamed of and a new future full of promises.I really wanted to love this book, honestly, I did but just when things begin to look promising for Bryce, her world is turned upside down again with an ending that left me shocked and sobbing, SOBBING! *cries all the tears*