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Submerged (Alaskan Courage Book #1) - Dani Pettrey Awesome Cover!I'll be honest, I usually steer away from Christian fiction because the stories are cheesy, for lack of a better word. (Unless it's a Jenny B. Jones book b/c she ROCKS!) I am a Christian and while I don't care to read smut or stories filled with straight up evil, I also don't want to waste my time reading books that are over the top with the Christianese. Why? Because it didn't work for me in real life and it's not gonna work for me in a book either. This was a unique book for me to review because Dani Pettrey is a Homeschool Mom, (like me!), she's friends with several of mine which means our paths have most likely crossed at some point (6 degrees) and my MIL is mentioned in the back of the book (shout out to Ms. Bobbie from the Joppa library!) :D OK, on to my review...Submerged is a well written, faith filled story that combines romance, suspense and shows the powerful effect forgiveness can have. Pettrey's attention to detail sucks you right in and makes you feel as if you're there in the Alaskan waters with the divers. *shivers* Her characters are believable and not without their continued struggles even after they've become Christ followers. The romance between the two main characters, Bailey and Cole is a little slow at first but only because she is battling old demons that being back home dredges up. Cole is completely swoon worthy in his pursuit of her heart and is the kind of guy every girl could bring home. *sighs* He's not without his own brokenness, all the characters have their own baggage to deal with but Cole has had his family and friends for support. Friends like Landon, who I thoroughly enjoyed! He was probably my favorite and I look forward to seeing what happens with his story. The mystery surrounding the murders grasps and holds the readers attention and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. Who would survive?! Who would end up another victim?! This was definitely not your average Christian fiction book and I look forward to seeing what happens next.