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Keep Holding On - Susane Colasanti "What's in front of you, is not necessarily the entire story."NOT ENOUGH JULIAN! THAT.IS.ALL! ;)Also, last line of page 133 says this: "Life would be so much easier if fictional boys were real." True.Story. ;)This book may be small but it has the potential to make a big impact. It affected me personally because the subject matter is something I could identify with.The summary and the cover leads the reader to believe it's a book about teenage romance with a few difficult issues thrown in but it isn't. The romance aspect is minor compared to the overall message of the book which is epic. Noelle has endured a life of neglect both at home and at school. She's so beaten down she can't even see that her boyfriend, Matt might not be the best choice for her. Julian, (the best part of the story in my opinion) is the boy she really wants to be with is beginning to show serious interest in her but he can't possibly like someone like her, can he?Julian is smart, kind, beautiful and rich, all the things that Noelle is not. Her BFF Sherae tells her she deserves to be with someone like him but Noelle can't fathom that. If he knew the truth about her life, the secrets she keeps in order to make it through each day, he would see she really isn't worth it, or so she believes. She's not the only one at school who suffers in silence and when the bullying finally goes too far and a friend suffers the heartbreaking consequences, Noelle must decide what kind of life she really wants to live. Choosing to keep quiet is no longer an option but standing up for what's right means risking everything. It's a risk she's not sure she's willing to take but as she begins to realize, the things we want most in life are always worth the risk.Susane encourages readers with a bit of her own story and lets them know that once High School passes, things change, life gets better and it really does. Seeking help for whatever you're struggling with is SO IMPORTANT. Help is available.