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Eve - Anna Carey "I love you! I love you I love you!"I LOVE THIS BOOK. SO. HARD!It took me less than 24 hours to read this and I neglected ALL THE THINGS in order to finish it.It's been sixteen years since a plague wiped out most of the Earth's population leaving Eve and countless other children orphaned. Eve, along with several hundred other girls have been fortunate enough to grow up within their safely guarded school where they've only heard stories of the danger that awaits outside the walls. Danger like wild dogs, disease, savages and worst of all, boys. Now eighteen and on the cusp of a bright future filled with promise in the New America, Eve can think of little else but life as a teacher. All that changes on the night before graduation when Eve learns the horrifying truth of her school's real purpose. If she wants to survive, she'll have to leave the only place she's called home. Her journey will take her to places she's never heard of and test everything she's ever believed to be true. Along the way, she runs into Arden, a girl from school who tried to warn Eve about what the real deal was but Eve wasn't sure she could trust. Now, out in the wild, they'll have to find a way to work together to ensure their survival.Caleb is a guy Eve meets and he's, well, he's all kinds of wild and dangerous! *swoons* I LOVED Caleb! Eve thinks she knows it all and you can't really blame her - it's what she's been told all of her life but Caleb is so patient with her. (Their first few exchanges are laugh out loud funny!) He's strong, brave and incredibly selfless and kindhearted. Caleb tests everything Eve's ever learned about guys, having been separated from them her entire life. Slowly, he wins her trust as well as her heart. *sighs*When it's discovered that Eve is being hunted by troops, she and Caleb go on the run again. All she hopes for now is a life free from fear with Caleb by her side, but Eve soon finds that freedom has a price and hers will cost either her heart or her life. *clutches chest*This story was so interesting and had a little of everything...action, adventure, love and loss and grabs hold of your heart right up to the very end. *CLUTCHES CHEST* *SPOILERS*This book had SO MANY interesting things running through it... The main theme that jumped out at me was LOVE, different kinds but LOVE none the less. Here are a few others that I liked:*The idea that if you educate a girl enough she won't desire to have to love. (DUH!)*How IVP had gotten out of control to the point that the girls were considered "sows" or "brood mares".* The Trail had an "Underground Railroad" concept to it - others willing to give theirs lives to help others even it meant risking their own lives.*OMCupcake! When the little boys are running after the truck with Eve & Arden screaming "I LOVE YOU!" that almost wrecked me! *sobs*