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Pretty Amy - Lisa Burstein Thank you to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read this prior to publication.Pretty Amy should be required reading for all incoming High School freshman girls! Amy is raw and real; a roller coaster of emotions from snarky and bold to heartbreaking and sad to laugh out loud funny. Amy is part of a BFF trio with Lila - the pretty one and Cassie - the tough one. She knows she's the back up friend, the wing girl, the leftover and she's okay with that. It's better than being a complete nobody, right? When the girls are stood up for their Senior Prom and end up crowned Jailhouse Queens instead of Prom Queens, Amy faces a summer of work and community service that gives her plenty of time to consider the choices she's made. Things at home have been strained and her arrest certainly doesn't help. Amy's relationship with her mother is contemptuous at best but they do share some hilarious moments. As her case moves forward and the threat of real jail time hangs in the balance, Amy struggles to find out who she is apart from her friends and the expectations of her mother. In the end, she'll find out who her real friends are, meet some new ones along the way and that romance she's always dreamed of, just might show up after all.