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Archvillain #2: Mad Mask - Barry Lyga First, let me say that I'm not really the comic book, superhero type so this wasn't my cup of tea. (or should I say coffee since I rarely drink tea?) However, my 12 yr old son thoroughly enjoyed this so maybe I should've let him write the review? This is the continuation of Kyle aka the AZURE AVENGER and his efforts to defeat Mighty Mike which completely backfired in the first book, ARCHVILLAIN. As he sets out with his new plan, he's thrown a new twist when another superhero flies into town. The Mad Mask agrees to help Kyle with his plans to take down Mighty Mike but he wants Kyle to do something for him in exchange. Now, Kyle isn't known for making the best choices but he agrees to team up with The Mad Mask and that's his first big mistake. Through another series of superhero attempts that end in failure of epic proportions, Kyle will once again be left wondering where he went wrong and what he has to do in order to lose the title of villain. Maybe in book 3 he'll finally get the title and the respect he wants so badly. He might even get the girl too - not, that he wants the girl or anything. ;)