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Starters - Lissa Price Thank you NetGalley and Random House!"HOLY.CROW. was this a good read!" That's what popped into my head when I finished this book. BTW, I have no idea where the "crow" came from because there weren't any mentioned in the story and usually the words that pop into my head have to do with the plot or sugary confections, but a bird? Yeah, even I can't explain that one. STARTERS is a well written, interesting story full of heart pounding suspense, and has twists and turns that will leave you guessing right up to the very end! There's even a little romance thrown in for good measure. Acutally, this romance has the potential to break your heart but you'd have to be sure you know whose heart your breaking to begin with. *wink*The Spore Wars wiped out everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty and forced Callie and her little brother Tyler into a life of hiding on the streets. Their friend Michael is another victim of the war and together they do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means stealing or risking their lives over a cookie. (OK, so Idk that I'd risk my life over a cookie. A cupcake? I.will.kill.you.in.your.sleep. ) When Callie learns about Prime Destinations, a place where Enders (seniors who long to be young again) can go to rent the bodies of teens, and pay big bucks to do so, she decides she's just desperate enough for the money. Tyler is sick and needs medicine and it's only three rentals, how bad can it be? What Callie doesn't know, or isn't told, is that her renter has a hidden agenda, one involving more than just reliving her youth. When Callie's microchip (the one placed inside her head to facilitate the rentals) malfunctions and she wakes up in the life of her rental, she has a choice to make. Does she go back to Prime Destinations and explain what happened or does she continue on per her contract? After all, this is her chance to have the life she never had. Pretending to be her renter, she lives the life of luxury, driving sports cars, wearing the latest fashions and dating gorgeous Blake, who happens to be the grandson of a powerful Senator. Callie knows the things in her renters world aren't real, but who else is pretending like her and whose a renter? Who can she trust? Things get more complicated the closer she gets to Blake and even more frightening when she discovers the true intentions of the man behind Prime Destinations. She'll have to decide if honoring her rental contract is worth the cost...and it will cost her, more than she ever imagined. I have to admit I had a little trouble getting into this one at first. The premise of a hundred year old person "renting" a teenagers body like a rental car kinda creeped me out and I even contemplated moving on to another book but I'm so glad I stuck with it! The twists are really unexpected, the romance heart wrenching and the end left me both satisfied and anxiously awaiting the next book. STARTERS, is just the beginning...