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The Galahad Legacy - Dom Testa In this final chapter of the Galahad series, the epic journey of 251 teenagers sent into space to save mankind comes to it's end. They don't go gently into that dark wormhole though, especially now that Council leader Triana has returned from her mysterious trip and brought something or someone back with her. Life aboard the Galahad is once again thrust into chaos as the crew is faced with new challenges and a decision that could alter the course of their entire mission.This book is still too Sci-Fi for me and to be honest, I wasn't thrilled with the way it ended. For a book that is supposed to finish a six book series, it left a lot of loose ends. It felt like the author did so just in case he decided to come back in a few years and write a, "Where are they now?" follow up.Triana is back and her return to leadership negates the entire election process from the previous book. (So Gap and Hannah really did suffer through a soap opera all their own.) All eyes are on her and of course, everyone wants to know where she was, what she saw and what's in the tank she brought back with her? The author makes an interesting case for alternate life forms and how they could be sustained but the "kind" of life form made me chuckle and will make swimming in the ocean interesting from now on. ;)The characters are still grounded in their morals and standards (most of them at least) and they still make the right choice over the popular one. There were a lot of unanswered questions, issues both old and new that weren't resolved by the last page. These were the kinds of things that an Epilogue could have very easily taken care of.All in all, this series has a great message for kids - that being smart is good! Not dumbing yourself down for the sake of fitting in or to be popular. Smart is Cool! Brains Reign! Nerd is the Word!