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Cosmic Storm - Dom Testa A little too Sci-Fi for me. While this is book 5 in a series, you don't have to read the first four in order to know what's going on because author, Dom Testa gives enough background story to catch the reader up. When their Council Leader Triana disappears, the crew is faced with choosing a new one to take her place. Gap seems to be the obvious choice, being next in line and all but when an unlikely candidate is offered up, the balance of power begins to tilt. Add to that the unexplained flashes of light, the growing hostility among the crew members, (it's like a regular "Fight Club" aboard ship) the engineers unable to stop the breeches in the radiation shields and the Galahad is in near chaos. Triana's absence has an affect on each of the Council Leaders but seems to make Bon even moodier (if that's even possible) which only raises his "hot guy" status among the ship's female passengers. As the election draws closer, things spiral further out of control. Decisions will be made, sides chosen and the return of an old friend threatens to change everything once again. Will the Council Leaders be able to get the ship back under control, fix the problems and find Triana before it's too late? This is a well written story about a group of teenagers who are on a mission to save the human race. There are no adults and their only guidance besides each other and the two years of training they've had is a master computer named, Roc. The story is filled with action, adventure, humor and even romance but it has a good message too. These teens are faced with making tough choices in the midst of chaos, choices that not only affect them but others as well. Knowing this, they are forced to consider their options wisely before acting upon them. They're also dealing with grief when this book opens and they learn that navigating their way through that process is different for everyone.