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Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2) - Abbi Glines I wanted to love this book because it was touted as "Marcus' story" but I didn't. Shouldn't Marcus have been somewhere on the cover of this is "his" story? He totally got the shaft. *sighs* The story is told from both Marcus' and Willow or "Low's" POV which is one of the few positives for me. The writing was definitely better than in "Breathe", not as halting but this Marcus was not the same one as in the first book. Regardless of the difficult time he was going through, this Marcus seemed to have lost the sweetness I enjoyed about him in the first book. Where was the guy who, despite his own broken heart, climbed in through Sadie's window when she was in the midst of her brokenness over Jax and managed to get through to her when no one else could? Where was the guy who protected Sadie against the prying eyes of the locals after all hell broke loose around her? The friend who was by her side when she needed him most? There were a few glimpses of THAT Marcus but for the most part, THIS Marcus was a different guy and I didn't care for him. Yeah, he was a gem compared to Cage but who wouldn't be? *shivers with ick* (Even Preston looked like a dream next to him.) In my opinion, Low was a shorter, curvier, red-headed version of Sadie with a few more insecurities. She's strong when she needs to be for her niece but she relies way too much on Cage. They both have low opinions of themselves overall and judge people based on how much money they have or how much they think they have which is wrong. Once again, you have a makeshift love triangle where hearts get broken, lives irrevocably changed in this case but things somehow get worked out in the end. Younger readers and their parentals should know that this book is grittier than "Breathe" because it has the language, sexual tension and sex that the last book didn't.With this being the second book in the Sea Breeze series, it will be interesting to see who the third book will be about. My money's on Preston since he's been a recurring character.