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Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines If I could give this 2.5 stars I would for several reasons, the first being that the writing itself isn't stellar. The sentence structure didn't seem to flow very well at times which I found distracting. An example would be a character saying something like, "It is not" instead of "It isn't". This may not seem like a big deal but when it happens A LOT, it becomes irritating. Secondly, the idea that Sadie and Jax spend so much time together yet his parents have no opinion on their relationship is unrealistic. His mother is supposed to be a controlling force in his life yet she disappears after she's introduced in the book. Jax is your typical misjudged teen rock star who falls head over heels in love with Sadie, his family's hired help. Marcus, the other hired help and an all around nice guy is also in love with Sadie but of course, she only has eyes for Jax. Sadie comes from the "wrong side of the tracks" and has played the role of parent to her own for most of her young life and doesn't see how she could ever fit into Jax's. He finally convinces her to give it a try for the summer and everything is going great until it isn't. Hearts end up broken and lives in a mess but it all gets tied up nicely (sort of) by the end of the book. Actually, there are several holes in the storyline that bothered me but to mention them would be spoilery. (It irks me when people spoil stuff.)Despite it's flaws, this story does have some positives, like how Jax and Marcus both show restraint where Sadie is concerned. The guys are legal adults and even if she acts mature for her age, Sadie's still a minor. Speaking of Sadie, she is a strong female character who is still willing to make good choices and put others before herself regardless of the example that's been set for her.If you're looking for a quick read that's got a little bit of heart and a whole lot of lovesick puppyness going on then this is one you'll want to read. If that kind of thing annoys you, then you might wanna skip this one.