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Slide - Jill Hathaway "Sometimes You Can't Look Away" If you had the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes, even for just a few minutes, would you want to? Vee Bell seems like your everyday narcoleptic but what really happens during her episodes is much more than nodding off. Vee doesn't just pass out, she slides into the minds of other people, giving her a chance to experience the world as they do. Last year, she slid into someone she thought was her friend who just stood by and did nothing on the night that changed Vee's life forever. Most recently, she slid into the mind of a killer just as he or she finished off her sister's friend Sophie. The worst thing about her ability is she can't share it with anyone, not even those closest to her. She'll have to find a way to prove that Sophie's death wasn't suicide and that how she knows this information isn't as crazy as it sounds. This book may be small but it packs a huge punch! It's fast paced, interesting and keeps you on your toes the entire time, a real thriller. (I was late for stuff because I didn't want to stop reading.) It's not without it's hot boys either (there's several to choose from) and a romance that's both swoon worthy and heartbreaking. Vee is the main character who has a lot on her pink haired plate. (Btw, chicks with pink hair totally rawk! *wink* *wink*) Her family consists of Dr. Dad who saves babies by day and fixes gourmet meals by night for Vee and younger sister, Mattie (that is, when he's home, which isn't a whole lot lately.) Vee used to be part of the "in" crowd but all that changed last year and now it's Mattie who eats at the cool kids table with her two BFF's Sophie and Amber.Vee usually "slides" after she touches something, a sweater, a glass, a bracelet, a book, etc. that has been touched by another person. (Any item that has had an emotion transferred onto it.) She's not a fan of her ability and she can't control when or who she slides into and once she's in their mind she can't control their body. One time, she slid into a teacher who was making out with a bus driver and as much as she wanted to make them stop, because it was one of those *I think I just threw up in my mouth* kind of moments, she couldn't do anything but wait the episode out. *shivers* To outsiders, it just appears as if she's passed out or fallen unconscious for a few minutes. If they only knew. Her behavior has caused her to be treated as an outcast by most of her peers and made her a target of others. As a result, Vee has put up a wall to protect herself and the only person she lets in is her BFF, Rollins.Mmm...Rollins... (Sorry, I got distracted for a second.) He's the perfect compliment to Vee and her pink hair, with his leather jacket, pierced lip and mutual affinity for vintage music. He runs his own version of the school 'zine and is always there for her. (He's pretty much a knight in shining leather and jeans.) The only thing she can't share with him is what truly happens when she experiences one of her "episodes". She tried telling her Dad the truth once but he wasn't buying her brand of crazy. What happens if she tells Rollins and he doubts her too? She couldn't live with another disappointment or stand the thought of losing her one true friend. When Sophie shows up dead and everyone is convinced she killed herself, Vee has no one to turn to with the truth. How would she explain to the police that she was there but not really there? Yeah, cuz that makes all the sense in the world. She wants to tell Rollins but something about the way he's been acting holds her back. Then there's Zane...blond, beautiful, Zane. *sighs* He's the new guy at school and he.is.HAWT! All the girls are after him but hits it off with Vee. They enjoy spending time together and she knows the closer she gets to Zane, the farther apart she and Rollins will be. Things become more complicated for Vee when another body shows up and it appears her sister Mattie may be the next on the list. She also uncovers a secret her father's been hiding, one that threatens to destroy what's left of their already fragile family. Her sliding increases both in frequency and urgency but will it be enough for her to catch the killer before it's too late?