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Pyxis: The Discovery (Pyxis, #1) - K.C. Neal Let's start with some cover love shall we? So pretty!This was a fun, magical, mysterious, romantical story, unlike anything I've read within the paranormal genre recently. (Btw, if you've never heard of "romantical" before it's because I just made it up. I do that sometimes. Make up my own language.) Corrine Finley, a Sophomore at Tapestry High School appears to be your average teenage girl with a BFF, an after school job at her Dad's cafe and feelings for a guy who had major boyfriend potential until he was caught kissing her arch nemesis after the Winter Solstice Dance. (Boys...*sighs*) As she tries to put him behind her, life begins to go from so-so to interesting when the goodies she bakes for a school fundraiser (using some of her late grandmother's food dye) sends all the guys into a frenzy making her the object of their affections. While she knows she's not riding the ugly train, the sudden admiration is a little surprising and overwhelming for Corrine. Even her BFF, Angeline or "Ang" thinks it's strange so the two decide to try to figure out if there's more to Grandma's food dye than just the blue and yellow coloring. Turns out the little box that Corrine thought was just something to house the dye has a fancy name, "Pyxis" and could be a recipe for disaster if it falls into the wrong hands. What the girls discover within the Pyxis is that things are not always what they seem and everyone has a destiny to fulfill whether they're ready for it or not. Both girls have a role to play with Corrine's job being that of protector of this world and the world that haunts her dreams. Wait, what?! How the heck is she supposed to do that?! Well, with a little help from her friends of course! Ang will be along for the ride as will Mason, which could complicate things. Mason is the guy who broke her heart when Ang caught him macking on Sophie (resident Mean Girl) after the Winter Solstice and then jaunted off to another content for half the year with his family without a word about it. Granted, he's been doing humanitarian work there but still. He's been e-mailing Corrine the whole time he's been away but she's ignored him. (How could he kiss her one minute and then turn around and hook up with Sophie the next minute? Ick!) When Mason does return home, Corrine is in for a big surprise. (OhMyMason!) Not only has Mason grown but he's been having nightmares similar to Corrine's. (What is up with that?!) The more time they spend together the less Corrine can fight the feelings she has for him but she also can't forget what happened with Sophie. Can you blame a girl?Let's focus on the hotsauce that is Mason for minute...he's smart, sweet, funny, charming and he spends time building wells in Africa. A-FR-I-CA people! Add to that, his tallness, great hair, beautiful eyes, ripped bod (See? Building wells is beneficial for all involved.) and his need to protect Corrine at all costs. He's the total package. He's also willing to go the extra mile when necessary and the scene where he volunteers to try the white fluid before Corrine gives any to Aunt Dot is HILARIOUS and I laughed until I cried!Together, Corrine and Mason (and Ang when she's not busy) begin to look for answers to their questions surrounding the box, it's contents and their joint dreams. Corrine's Aunt Dot is the only one who can help them but she's stuck in a nursing home and doesn't seem to recognize anyone. Their dark dreams worsen and start to spill over into the waking world causing Corrine to need Mason's company more just to feel safe. (Um, I have nightmares, maybe Mason could help me out too?)Will they be able to bring Aunt Dot out of her stupor before things get any stranger or will the darkness from their dreams finally creep into the daylight, overtaking Corrine, Mason and everyone around them?I'm really looking forward to the next installment in this series because I have tons of questions like what's gives with Sophie? What exactly DO the blue and yellow liquids do? Will Jordan Gumbreath make a reappearance? I can't wait be "Alight"ed. ;)