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You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does) - Ruth White Meggie and David Blue seem like regular middle schoolers living in North Carolina with their Mom and Gramps but his unusually high intelligence and her bizarre speech impediment give some of the townspeople pause. And what's with the blue paint that seems to pop up in their hair all the time? After strange string of events, the Blues are forced from their home by a less conventional mode of transportation and they end up in Fashion City. There the people greet them with all enthusiastic offers of "Praise the Fathers!" and "You'll like it here, everybody does!" It doesn't take long for Meggie and David to realize they're not in Kansas anymore or North Carolina for that matter. Somehow they've managed to end up in the one place where it's a crime to be unique and where the people and things are not always what they seem. Considering "unique" is just one way to describe the Blue family, they need to find a way out of Fashion City A.S.A.P!